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Clear Clear
Currently: 19.4, Min: 11.4, Max: 19.5
19,4°C  rising


Feels like: 19°C
Inside: 20,3°C
  High Low
Today: 19,5°C (17:38) 11,4°C (06:08)
Yesterday: 18,7°C (16:20) 9,7°C (06:17)
Month: 19,5°C (02-06) 9,7°C (01-06)
Year: 27,4°C (11-05) -3,8°C (07-02)


Rain Today:0,8 mm

Rain Ratemm:0,0 mm

Yesterday:0,0 mm

This Month:0,8 mm

Season Total:209,8 mm


Wind from SW

Wind from SW
6,0 km/h

1 Bft
Light air

34,0 km/h

Gust today:
34,0 km/h at 18:08


Sun:   sunrise  07:23 sunset  18:26

Daylight hh:mm 11:03 (+ 4 minute)

Moon:  moonrise  02:54 moonset  15:05

Full Moon,  100% Illuminated

Humidity & Barometer

Humidity: falling 72%

Dew Point: falling 14,2°C

Barometer: rising 1011,1 hPa

Trend: Steady

UV Index Forecast more information

UV Index Forecast more information

Last updated: 02-06-2015  18:18 => 18:19  seconds ago 

Snow measurements ( cm)  

DateCurrent heightFreshMelt
12-12-20204      1  0  

UV Index Forecast 

The UV Index Forecast is currently not available

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